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pajama days and random ramble.

If I could live my life in pajamas…. I would.

My small collection of beautiful flannel jammies! I also have a white polar bear one (pic below).

Well, maybe some days I’d like to get a bit dressy, and I guess they aren’t the best for yoga, or dance, or hiking… so maybe not live my whole life in it. But it would be pretty sweet to have more pajama days nonetheless. So over the winter break (and the weeks preluding towards it), I have come to a startling realization that I …don’t have any flannel/cotton pajama sets. I normally wear loose-fitted light cotton tees or tanks, with shorts or long pajama pants, but I don’t have any (flannel) pajama sets. Like those traditional, button up shirt with matchy pants sets? *gasp* This is blasphemy! So anyways, that’s past tense now! I have since made it a primary focus to acquire for pajama sets to stay warm this winter… As they say, ask, and you shall receive—I am now a happy (and warm) camper of several matchy flannel jammies! In retrospect, I believe I spent most of my Christmas break in my jammies. There may or may not have been a lot of tea, cuddling up and binge-watching of Friends. Hm. Well. Three cheers for warms! 

Growing up, I was a younger, more susceptible to advertisements and celebrity endorsements, and an overall more gullible girl. Thankfully time passed, and I learned to be more true to myself, and do only what I enjoy. Truly. But when I was younger, I used to see these Victoria’s Secret models in satin, or silk, or lace, and I would think that their nightgowns, or teddies, or skimpy tanks are the epitome of a confident—and comfortable—WOMAN. Alas, as sexy as those attires are, my skin finds little solace in the skimpy and flimsy lace, or to too-delicate satin, and though I like the feel of silk (handwash only? Are you kidding.. Who do you think I am?), I just think they are not for me. I do, however, own, and occasionally wear, the lacey intimates… every girl’s gotta have a couple! It’s all in the (proper) balance, and of course, with an emphasis in: be comfortable in your own skin! Wear what makes you happy, and stay comfortable. Me? I am really comfy in soft cotton. I like to bundle up in layers and wrap myself in knit sweaters and cardigans, or wear a cotton tee and yoga pants in the event I break out in song and dance (that could happen… It really could..), or relax at home in (my latest) flannel jammies…

I am all about the comfort. 

Heck, on my everyday, you’d usually catch me in class in my all-time favourite: Lululemon spandex-Luon fabrics. It’s like second skin, it’s so comfortable, and it performs. And it lasts forever, in my experience (and I mean forever, since I haven’t grown since I was probably 15; I can still wear my Lululemon pants from then… So there you have it. They win the ultimate wear-test).

Speaking of comfort…. Right now, I believe my bed, my memory foam pillow, and being under my flannel duvet and sheets, sounds pretty comfy. Speaking of flannel bedding… My entire bed is currently decked out in flannel-goodness. I could go on and on about flannel, and comfort, and warms… But Lu is sleepy-tired! But I did it! I made blog. Lu blogged. Lu in jammies. Lu is happy. Lu is sleepy.

Goodnight fellow friends! Let me know in the comment section what your favourite comfy things are! 🙂

+note: tiny updates made to inform readers of the current people in my life; distinguishing what, or who, belongs in past and present tense (removed a photo). 14/12/2016


3 thoughts on “pajama days and random ramble.

  1. I read this as I was sipping chamomile tea in bed under my flannel sheet. Although, it’s hard to indulge in the comforting layers of warm cotton and flannel in the tropics – I still try my best. At the moment I really enjoy my more summer-friendly PJ option which is a short and tank top set from an Australian clothing brand called COTTON ON. The shorts or navy blue and grey striped with a silky tie around the waist. The tank top is navy blue with soft grey lace around the neck and straps. Comfy and weather appropriate! Time for dodo 🙂 ! x

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    1. I definitely love snuggling in bed in the winter time with my flannels. I have vaguely heard of Cotton On! Please do tell me more about it (or photograph them). I am thinking, for summer, I’d love some Aussie designed jammies, tailored for the warm season!

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      1. Yea sure I’ll snap shot of me in my jammies haha! For now here is their website: http://cottonon.com/AU
        They have everything and I think half my summer wardrobe is from there. They are so comfy and affordable and Singapore has a few Cotton On stores and I always shop there when I’m in town. Just a little tip though, the sizes are made for Aussie bodies so someone petite like me and you should always go for the XXS sizes (and even sometimes those are a little baggy!)


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