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My mind is like a dog in an off-leash park

So this is where I tell you how my mind is like a dog at an off-leash park—zipping one direction and then REALLYQUICKLY zipping to another direction. This analogy came up to me on my walk to work this morning. I passed a park where a pupper was having a grand time, chasing after a ball. Growing up, I was quite cunning and quick-witted, so teachers and parents must have overlooked the part where I probably have ADHD. Oops? Well, don’t fret—despite the shortcomings to my focus and attention, I tend to make it up in cheeriness and a positive attitude. I think. I hope. Well, I excelled throughout grade school and high school… And I like to think I’m doing alright now—I’m currently battling my way throughout adulthood with work and university, so let’s not jinx things now… Let’s keep things on a positive note and say that my mind is like a dog in an off-leash park, but despite the slipping and falling, the dog always retrieves the ball. That’s the kind of life I want to have. No, not as a dog (though I imagine it would be nice and warm with belly rubs and naps and all things nice…) but I mean as a human being, getting through the days, and achieving all the goals. I can do this. As for one thing, I’m trying to start blogging again (again-again, really, but anywho…) I decided to think, “You know what, Pupper? Good on you. You go, live your life. Chase all the things.”

+photo creds go to my talented roommate, for capturing this beautiful photo of our furry roommate, Luna Dog.


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