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Home is Wherever You Are, & Happy Earth Day to All

So, April has been kind of a big month for the books… I’ve been so busy, but I can finally say that I am happy to share with you readers, that I live with my best friend. He is an honest man, he works hard for what he wants and stands up for people and things that he believes in. He is handy around the house and with homemade projects, and I think one of the loveliest things about him (skill-wise) is that he can cook (seriously, he’s on fire in the kitchen). He makes me laugh, he likes to make silly songs (usually about me or what we’re doing together), he likes to experiment with cooking, and he loves me—and my cat Bamboo, and my turtle Charlie. Today, I want to dedicate my blog to my lover, my best friend, my partner in shine. He brings the best out of me, and we enjoy doing most things together. We work great as a team (we play video games together sometimes, and he picks the games that are kinda cutesy, and definitely not scary, for when we play together), and we also enjoy separate activities while at home together. As I type this, he’s playing video games and I am blogging, we are both happy sitting next to each other on the couch. I think we’ve managed a happy balance together. After all, since we met, we’ve kind of have been inseperable—first as fast friends, then something with some more spark. What can I say? He’s my best friend.

Some more great news: Today, my love surprised me with an amazing idea. We went for a walk in our neighbourhood. It was sunny today, and it was so nice out to be browsing the shops with him. We stopped by the local pet store, and naturally, we came out with some more surprises and treats for our beloved pets. Today though, my love told me he had taken some money from the piggy bank, and he decided it was the day to get Charlie a new aquarium, how exciting! We picked some aquarium furnishings that we think Charlie will make use of, and we also picked up a couple feeder fishes as his housewarming feast. What a great idea, and how thoughtful too—to think of every little one of us, always trying to improve our home and family. I love him.

It’s getting late; he’s asleep on the couch now, so I better wrap up and help tuck him in… I can’t actually carry him far, but I’ll get ready and tell him it’s time for bed. Good night, World! May all of you experience such warmth and joy and love with your family too.

+p.s. Speaking of the world… HAPPY EARTH DAY! Any of you local to Commercial Drive, Vancouver British Columbia (Canada)? The annual Earth Day Parade and Festival is tomorrow (er, today, I guess—it’s past midnight now), held along The Drive. Come say hi! I’ll be there!


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