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Lulu does Italian day, gets drunk & eats a lot of Korean BBQ

So it’s official. I have finally become part of the Commercial Drive neighbourhood (yo, what’s up fam?!) because I’ve attended and hung out on a patio overlooking a community street festival—last weekend was the super bustling Italian Day on The Drive. This was a pretty jam-packed weekend, considering I got to spend the weekend: getting drunk celebrating my best friend’s graduation, getting drunk getting to know my partner’s Aussie cousin at a house party in our ‘hood, and getting drunk, on food, with scrumptious Korean BBQ with my partner, his dear mother, and his cousin at YOOK (at Broadway & Nanaimo). Key-word for the weekend: drunk

As usual, I’ve allocated some of the best photos to share with y’all. You’re welcome.


+note: I’d like to take this time to update everyone on my blog posts, as I’ve decided that juggling a full-time job, being a full-time girlfriend/maid, a full-time cat parent, and a full-time student… I would only end up letting you down if I tried to blog biweekly. How about I’ll do a monthly update to share my highlights every month with you? And when time allows, I’ll throw in an extra blog like the icing on top? I’ve been thinking of doing more of a lifestyle x fashion blog, and so I’ll brainstorm some more over this month, and who knows… maybe I’ll launch it in July! Here’s to being your own (life’s) boss! You go, girls (and guys)! Heck, I’ve been following so many fashionistas that I wish I had a “small loan of a million dollars” so that I can start my own line! How about that for life goal/career/lifestyle plot twist? Now, if only I haven’t already spent a fortune on my education, on top of owing the government the equivalent of a downpayment on a house, I’d be braver with spontaneous life choices. Or maybe it’s just past midnight, and I’m delusional and I’m getting too sassy, even for myself.

xo, Lulu


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