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7 Tips to Cohabiting: an amateur’s guide pt.1

So, as I've shared with you in my last couple posts, I have now successfully cohabited with my partner for one full month. It may not seem like a lot (it kinda isn't—I know), but I just wanted to make a just-for-fun blog about my experience of cohabiting thus far. Growing up being kind of… Continue reading 7 Tips to Cohabiting: an amateur’s guide pt.1

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bestie day: ‘Made’ of Honor

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own. +update: I said yes to being maid of honor for my bestie! Congratulations on your engagement pretty lady! You deserve happiness!  I was thinking of how to begin this blog, but I figured that was an obvious enough intro. Last… Continue reading bestie day: ‘Made’ of Honor