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study break & ABCs (and then some).

It's not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are you busy about? —unknown. Study break? Study break. Hey, I'm allowed. I went to class this morning, and actually did review some notes this evening, so let me to relax for the rest of the night. So far, the three classes… Continue reading study break & ABCs (and then some).

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spring rolls + friendship

+edit: spring rolls and is friendship Today, me and my bestie went to have some delicious spring rolls! I first had a taste of this delicious food thanks to my other best friend, who brought me here about a month ago. My, was my bestie super excited about them spring rolls (today). A girl's gotta have… Continue reading spring rolls + friendship

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tea, treats, & lots of laughter.

+who else has gone to high tea—and loved it?! A couple weeks ago, I got asked help plan my bestie's engagement celebration. When she suggested high tea, I was beyond excited. I think, at that point, it was pure happy and pure curiosity (I've never gone to high tea before!) When we looked at our options,… Continue reading tea, treats, & lots of laughter.


what happens when you buy a waffle maker in the afternoon? 4PM waffles, that’s what.

So, I got a waffle maker and decided obviously, to make waffles (it didn't matter that it was 4PM when I brought the waffle maker home). Homemade waffles are infinitely better than those store-bought ones! I am so excited about the waffle maker... I made enough for my whole family to share! Haha. Here's my homemade… Continue reading what happens when you buy a waffle maker in the afternoon? 4PM waffles, that’s what.

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the ‘good’ in the ‘mornings sets the day off right.

Good morning! 😀 I'm in a happy mood this morning. I am pretty stressed with the end of the semester chaos (as usual), but this morning, I'm feeling good. I'd like to attribute a good morning with some of my favourite things... So I decided to make an incomplete list to share. Incomplete, because class starts… Continue reading the ‘good’ in the ‘mornings sets the day off right.

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‘egg-citing’ long weekend.

Sunshine on the weekend of the Easter Bunny and an abundant of round chocolates and colourful eggs. Happy Easter everyone! For those who don't really practice or celebrate Easter... Happy 'egg-citing' long weekend! What did everybody get up to (is still getting up to)?  I plan to enjoy some sunshine tomorrow with my family. That would… Continue reading ‘egg-citing’ long weekend.