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Lulu does Italian day, gets drunk & eats a lot of Korean BBQ

So it's official. I have finally become part of the Commercial Drive neighbourhood (yo, what's up fam?!) because I've attended and hung out on a patio overlooking a community street festival—last weekend was the super bustling Italian Day on The Drive. This was a pretty jam-packed weekend, considering I got to spend the weekend: getting drunk… Continue reading Lulu does Italian day, gets drunk & eats a lot of Korean BBQ

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+here’s to new adventures! [photos galore]

Well, I'll save you the trouble, and just welcome myself back... Welcome back, me! And with some sheepish looks and apologetic hand gestures, I am here to announce that I'm back for the new year! The semester ended with a rough tumble, and let's just dust ourselves off and leave last semester with LAST YEAR, and aside… Continue reading +here’s to new adventures! [photos galore]

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yacht club adventure day in Everett, WA.

I attended a wedding a couple weekends ago in Everett, Washington. The day was super sunny and beautiful! Most of all, I got to witness an official celebration of love! It's not every day I get to spend the day all dressed up (stilettos included)! The venue was history, with its share of over a… Continue reading yacht club adventure day in Everett, WA.

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tea, treats, & lots of laughter.

+who else has gone to high tea—and loved it?! A couple weeks ago, I got asked help plan my bestie's engagement celebration. When she suggested high tea, I was beyond excited. I think, at that point, it was pure happy and pure curiosity (I've never gone to high tea before!) When we looked at our options,… Continue reading tea, treats, & lots of laughter.