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+here’s to new adventures! [photos galore]

Well, I'll save you the trouble, and just welcome myself back... Welcome back, me! And with some sheepish looks and apologetic hand gestures, I am here to announce that I'm back for the new year! The semester ended with a rough tumble, and let's just dust ourselves off and leave last semester with LAST YEAR, and aside… Continue reading +here’s to new adventures! [photos galore]

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be the person your cat(s) think you are.

Some days, I lie in bed in the early mornings and just stare at the ceiling. Unmoving. Unmotivated. But without fail, each morning since I've brought my two fluffies home have been full of meows and purrs. Still, some days, I find myself lying there. Deep sigh. Grunt. Groan. But the thing is, your cat(s) don't care if… Continue reading be the person your cat(s) think you are.

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study, sleep, work, rinse &repeat… (with a side of positive vibes)

+correction: study, sleep, work, rinse &repeat... Is it just me, or does "studying" really mean "student" and "dying" put together? Creature has been stuck at the bottom of the cave, buried in books, and slaved away with papers, lab reports, and even torched by exams. Creature has not seen outside of such cave since the… Continue reading study, sleep, work, rinse &repeat… (with a side of positive vibes)

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Living with two ‘couch furtatoes’

So, since the last bomb dropped—that I now have two kitty cats—what questions do you have for me? Could one big one be: how are Bamboo and Simba getting along? Well, you seek and you shall receive. The very first time bringing teeny tiny Simba home, Bamboo was all cautious but yet super curious. He sniffed… Continue reading Living with two ‘couch furtatoes’